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We employ highly-skilled plumbers who are capable of handling popular appliances, water management systems, and waste management systems. Our company proudly serves both commercial and residential customers throughout West Georgia. Contact us a call at 770-686-4056 to request our services.

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best plumbing services in Kennesaw

Presto's plumbing professionals are available all day, every day, to perform all of your commercial plumbing. We've got your business covered, from main line repairs to sump pump replacements!

Presto Plumbing has years of experience servicing the businesses in our community. We understand the last thing you need as a business owner is a burst pipe or a flooded storage space. That's why we offer 24/7 services. So we can get you back in business!

Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, we're here to help you. So give us a call today at 770-686-4056 to make an appointment.

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Water Lines & Leaks

Water is directed throughout your establishment with the help of pipes (or water lines). Simply put, infeed lines are responsible for bringing water into the room or appliance you are using. Drain lines guide wastewater to be properly disposed of. These pipes and the seals that connect them can sometimes be damaged or worn out, causing the water inside to leak out. Leaks grow exponentially once they start. Call your trusted plumbers at Presto Plumbing to repair your water lines or install new ones.


Drainage Systems

For wastewater to travel out of your building, you will need a proper drainage system. If the lines you have are the wrong size, travel in the wrong direction, or are broken, you could have some serious issues. Drain lines often get debris stuck in them, causing them to clog and will backflow water into your business. You can contact Presto Plumbing to correct this issue for you. We can also routinely inspect your plumbing to prevent future clogs or leaks.

water heater repair and installation in Kennesaw, GA

Water Heaters

Water heaters are an essential appliance in every establishment. In fact, many businesses can be required to have access to hot water for safety and sanitation reasons. Most water heaters last an average of 8-12 years, but each model varies. If your water heater is new, chances are high that a Presto Plumber could have it repaired and heating water again in no time. We can also replace older or damaged water heaters for our commercial customers.


Sump Pumps & Waste Management

Sump Pumps prevent flooding in low areas like basements and crawl spaces. They reside in a man-made pit at the lowest part of your building. If water enters your business, the drain system on the floor will direct the water to the pit. Once the water reaches a certain level, it activates the pump to drain it. Presto Plumbing can install or replace your sump pump if you are experiencing issues with flooding lower-level floors.

sink repairs presto plumbing
We repair every type of faucet, whether it's a disk, ball, cartridge, or compressed. When we come to your home, we carry the replacement parts required for the job right on the truck. If you have purchased a new faucet, we can also install it.
west ga plumbers presto plumbing
Our plumbers at Presto Plumbing have the expertise to repair, re-locate, or install water and drain lines. Contact us today to learn more about our water line services in Georgia.

About Presto Plumbing


Nathan and Andrea Mitchell are the proud owners of Presto Plumbing in Kennesaw, GA. Their expertise in plumbing helps them understand the difficulty of dealing with a plumbing emergency, and they strive to be there for you when you need them.

At Presto, we understand that plumbing emergencies can be costly. We are a small, family-run business with fewer overhead costs than larger plumbing companies may have. Because of our size, we can customize your experience and ensure you only pay for what you need to complete the job.



Presto Plumbing is top-rated locally and well-known for our excellent, quick service. Check out what people are saying about us here:

Needed a lot of work done at my house. A few waterlines needed to be fixed and rerouted before the holidays. Called Presto Plumbing, he got out here quick... Had a problem at my mom's bar over the weekend with a backed-up toilet. He was there within 20 minutes, and the price was unbeatable and fair! This will be my go-to plumber from now and in the future, thanks for all your hard work.

Daniel L.

We had a main water pipe that was leaking. We had to shut off our water. I called a lot of “emergency” plumbers and they didn’t have availability for days or just never answered... In a panic nearly in tears I called Presto and they sent someone within the hour... They are professional and affordable. I will definitely be using them in the future for any plumbing issues!

Ashley Coronado

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