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Presto Plumbing is your top-rated backflow services company. We proudly serve both commercial and residential customers throughout West Georgia. Contact us  or give us a call at 770-686-4056 to request our services.

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Experienced Backflow Company in Kennesaw, GA

The Presto Plumbing team is on-call 7 am - 8 pm. We've got you covered if you need our backflow plumbing services. We are here for you to help with testing, inspections, repairs, and even a total backflow device replacement! So if you need a reputable plumber on short notice, you should call Presto Plumbing today!

We have experienced plumbing technicians on staff who know how to service and replace various plumbing fixtures, appliances, and waste or water management systems. Presto Plumbing proudly serves residential and commercial customers in the West, GA area.
Give us a call today at 770-686-4056 to make an appointment. We Make it Drain!

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Exeperienced Backflow Plumbers in Kennesaw Presto Plumbing

Quality Backflow Services in Kennesaw

What Is Backflow?

Clean drinking water is essential to everyone's health and daily life. But what happens when the clean water we all rely on gets contaminated? That's what Presto Plumbing is here to solve! Backflow happens when contaminated water has reversed its flow and entered clean water lines. It can occur at any cross-connection between clean and dirty water lines and is typically caused by a significant change in water pressure, like a burst water main. This contaminated water may contain hazardous materials like human waste, pesticides, or chemicals, posing a severe health concern to residents and businesses. Our technicians are experienced in handling these kinds of emergencies. From commercial to residential backflow issues, we've got you covered! Call today to schedule your backflow testing at 770-686-3500.


Backflow Plumbing Services





Backflow Repair Services in Kennesaw Georgia

Backflow Testing

The Georgia Water Authority requires you to test your backflow prevention devices annually to ensure its working correctly and doesn't need any repairs. However, if your backflow device is not working correctly, wastewater could contaminate your drinking water. Luckily Presto Plumbing is here to help! The test usually takes just 30 minutes to complete, so give us a call to ensure your backflow system is in good working order!
Your Trusted Kennesaw Backflow Repair Services

Backflow Repairs

If your backflow preventer has failed its test, it is necessary to get the faulty components repaired. Most of the time, the issues with your backflow system are debris from other pipes or repairs, worn springs, broken checks, or a shut-off valve leaking. Usually, just the problem component needs to be replaced, and you won't have to replace the whole unit. If you suspect your backflow needs repairs, don't hesitate to give Presto Plumbing a call! 770-686-3500
Presto Plumbing Kennesaw Backflow Repair Services

Backflow Replacement & Installation

Backflow units are usually built to withstand decades outside in the elements. However, sometimes, your backflow unit has failed its annual test, and the entire unit needs to be replaced with a new one. This is usually due to the backflow preventer's age or the valve's size. Smaller valves work harder and develop more wear over time. Therefore, if your system is taking on too much water for its size, it might be a good idea to replace it with a larger one. If your backflow unit needs to be replaced, call us at 770-686-3500.


When it comes to plumbing replacements, trust in our expertise to handle the task efficiently and effectively. Our skilled plumbers are equipped to tackle any replacement needs, whether it's outdated pipes, fixtures, or entire plumbing systems. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure precise installations and utilize high-quality materials to guarantee long-lasting results.
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We repair every type of faucet, whether it's a disk, ball, cartridge, or compressed. When we come to your home, we carry the replacement parts required for the job right on the truck. If you have purchased a new faucet, we can also install it.

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Water Lines

Our plumbers at Presto Plumbing have the expertise to repair, re-locate, or install water and drain lines. Contact us today to learn more about our water line services in Georgia.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Backflow?

Backflow is caused by a drastic shift in pressure within your water lines, like when a water main breaks or a pipe bursts. When this happens, the water system starts drawing water wherever it can. So say a pipe bursts while a sprinkler system is watering a freshly treated lawn in your neighborhood, and you're filling a bathtub. That tub could become filled with polluted water from the neighboring lawn. 

This is what the backflow device prevents. It ensures that the water filling the broken pipes does not flow back into the supply used for the homes or businesses attached.
At Presto Plumbing, we have experienced technicians on staff to help fix these kinds of issues and detect them before they even happen. So give us a call to have your backflow tested at 770-686-3500.

What Are The Signs Of Backflow Issues?

When you turn on a faucet, you expect the water coming out to be constant, clear, and odorless. It will be pretty evident and shocking when your backflow is not working correctly.
The classic signs of a faulty backflow are:

>Discolored water (brown, yellow, or even pink.)
>A foul odor coming from your water and faucets
>Rust particles or sediment in the water
>The water from your taps tastes bad
>Your water takes a long time to drain

If your water displays any of these signs, stop using it immediately and call a professional at Presto Plumbing. We will run the necessary tests to determine what needs to be done to fix your backflow unit.
Contact us today! 770-686-3500

What Is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer, or a cross connection device, is a device that only allows water to flow in one direction. Each building with running water draws its water from a shared source through a system of interconnected pipes. These pipes may run water in a neighborhood through houses, plumbing, yard irrigation, and even home sprinkler systems. In a business or commercial area, it will be the source for the fire sprinkler systems, public bathrooms, and drinking fountains. The water is drawn to the individual sources and goes through a backflow. 

When a backflow preventer works appropriately, clean water is supplied to faucets and fountains. But when it's not working correctly, or something has gone wrong further down the line, contaminated wastewater can get directed towards those faucets and fountains, causing severe hazards for residents and businesses.

That's why keeping a professional eye on your backflow systems is essential. Presto Plumbing can service your backflow, whether in a business or in your home. Contact us today to set up your next appointment!

How Often Should Presto Plumbing Test My Backflow Preventer?

The Georgia Water Authority mandates that residents and businesses get their backflow system tested yearly. If not, a problem could go undetected and contaminated water could get into your irrigation systems, faucets, and drinking water. Luckily Presto Plumbing has trusted technicians ready to test your backflow 7 am - 8 pm. Worried there's an issue with your backflow system? Give us a call today! 770-686-3500

Will My Water Be Shut Off While Presto Plumbing is Testing My Backflow?

Most likely, yes. Most backflow systems require a technician to turn off the water for a short time. But don't worry, it won't take very long. Most tests only take a few hours, depending on what your backflow system requires. Need your backflow system services? Give us a call today! 770-686-3500


About Presto Plumbing


Nathan and Andrea Mitchell are the proud owners of Presto Plumbing in Kennesaw, GA. Their expertise in plumbing helps them understand the difficulty of dealing with a plumbing emergency, and they strive to be there for you when you need them.

At Presto, we understand that plumbing emergencies can be costly. We are a small, family-run business with fewer overhead costs than larger plumbing companies may have. Because of our size, we can customize your experience and ensure you only pay for what you need to complete the job.


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Prompt, professional service. Nathan quickly located a leak in the crawl space under the house and repaired it in record time. Very pleased with the result and would recommend Presto Plumbing.

 - Kurt Jackline

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